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Photography 803-796-6643
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   For many pet-loving Americans, their  canine or feline is among their favorite photo subjects.  But how do capture the shot of a lifetime that communicates to all who see it just how special your pet really is. Turn to a professional pet photographer like Cathy Farabaugh.
   In the last decade, she has gained the reputation as the leading pet and animal photographer in the region.  In addition, Cathy has over 30 years experience as a wedding / portrait photographer.  She has studied with some of the country's greatest photographic legends and continues to refined her style and technique to be a competitive leader in today's ever changing photographic industry.
   "Pet owners often compliment how I am able to put their pet at ease from the very beginning of the shoot," she says. They also say that she has the patience of Job as she strives for the perfect shot.
   Cathy is known for her uncanny knack for gaining a pet's attention and capturing the right pose.  Her works reflects a commitment to quality that requires great patience and a lifelong  love of photography.
   In the digital age of photography, we often hear how digital cameras enable a novice to duplicate the quality of professional photographers. Digital perform well with exposure and focus in normal situations but are unable to duplicate the composure and artistry of a trained and experienced photographer.     

Cathy can create the perfect piece for any purpose, including: Artistic pieces to decorate your home, office, or place of business       

  • Advertising
  • Logos
  • Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Animals 
  • Special Events